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On the hunt for WooCommerce themes?

If you’re searching for WooCommerce themes, then you’re already on the right track. You have made the choice to have your store powered by WooCommerce. WooCommerce’s customizable, scalable, and flexible platform is perfect for businesses like yours.

There’s a reason why, according to Builtwith Statistics, WooCommerce is the most widely used e-commerce platform on the web today. Many of those reasons are tied to the previously mentioned benefits. WooCommerce has proven to be a valuable e-commerce platform for stores both big and small. But to go along with that platform, you need a great WooCommerce theme.

There are great outlets such as ThemeForest that sell WooCommerce themes. But spending money on a WooCommerce theme can lead to unintended consequences. For example, you could find a theme that looks great, but may not work best for your business.

But have you considered turning to a freelance WordPress designer for WooCommerce themes?

customized woocommerce themes

A little bit about my WooCommerce experience

I’ve used various e-commerce plugins in the past. The first one plugin I used was a nice one called WP eStore from Tips and Tricks HQ out of Australia. They are a helpful bunch and they make a great e-commerce plugin. However, it is very simple and for some of my clients, they needed a more powerful solution.

I also used WooCommerce’s spiritual parent, Jigoshop. Jigoshop is one hell of an-ecommerce plugin. But as WooCommerce began to solidify itself in the market, I started to use it less and less.

I first used WooCommerce back in 2013 and since then, I never looked back. And in recent years, it has never been better. Thanks to advancements in WooCommerce, I can really harness the power of the plugin. I am able to give my clients and their customers a responsive and attractive ownership and shopping experience, respectively.

Your Theme, Your Way

Those that specialize in developing themes for theme vendors such as ThemeForest or even WooThemes are all talented designers and developers. However, many of the themes that they create overwhelm most shop owners. Most are packed with features that you’ll never use. Consequently, sometimes these themes are too heavy, causing a degradation in server performance.

Not to mention, some theme developers will attempt to promote a versatility that may not even exist. There are a few designers out there, unfortunately, that take the bait. For example, I had to redo a site that had a theme that was not even built for their business!

By turning to a freelance WordPress designer like me for WooCommerce themes, you will get a theme that is built specifically for your business.

I specialize in creating WooCommerce themes that specific to the clients’ business. Generally, I use a flexible framework that I specifically created for the e-commerce sites I build. With this framework, I can build website for your small business that you can really grow with.

You could browse site after site after site for a WooCommerce theme that you think may work for your business. But it is far better to hire an experienced WordPress developer that can design and develop the right theme for your business.

My WooCommerce themes are designed to be quick, responsive, easy to navigate, and most of all easy to shop. Whether you are selling 10 products or 100 products, my themes will fit perfectly with what you are trying to sell.

The anatomy of my WooCommerce themes

So, what is my approach to WooCommerce themes? I could write a book on it, but there are three main things that I focus on:

Activity and Engagement

When a customer comes to my client’s WooCommerce site, I want them immediately engaged. Looking to see what you’re offering for what price. Browsing through the special offers. And this is before they scroll anywhere else on the page. You want that potential customer to start acting as soon as the site finishes loading.

Therefore, I utilize slideshows and large, widescreen imagery on the home / landing page. I’ll ask you to clarify what offer you want presented, and I will make it the focal point of the site.

I will also strategically navigation bar links, call to action links, search forms, and special offers in a way that they’re all accessible before they scroll anywhere else on the page. In addition, I include product feeds on the home page to show new items, featured items, and items on sale – which ever you desire.

Clean Code

A key benefit of WordPress is the cleanliness of its coding. WordPress developers avoid coding junk and I do the same with my themes. With my framework, I put together lightweight, attractive WooCommerce themes.

Your Needs

You might be a doctor that wants to have patients pay for a drop-in appointment online. Maybe a restauranteur wanting to offer online ordering. Or you may be selling automotive parts. Diverse needs require diverse results. That’s why – as mentioned before – I customize everything I do for each client.

Become powered by WooCommerce today!

Harness the power of the world’s most popular e-commerce platform for your business today. After all, you can use WooCommerce for just about anything. Even if you want it to be just an online catalog!

Here’s a partial list of businesses I’ve built WooCommerce websites for:

  1. High end clothiers
  2. Dentist offices
  3. Smoke shops
  4. Doctor’s office for appointments
  5. Industrial door specialists
  6. Furniture stores
  7. Urban clothing
  8. Charitable organizations
  9. Start Up Products
  10. Beauty Shops
  11. Skin Care
  12. Automotive suppliers
  13. Chilean knit collections

Give me a call at (832) 942-8475 or shoot me an email to discuss your WooCommerce project today!

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