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WordPress is the most widely used content management system on earth. From personal blogs to large corporate sites, WordPress powers many of the sites you see on the web. If you’re on this page, you’re probably looking to build (or rebuild) your site in WordPress. Searching for a Houston freelance WordPress designer to help you is a great start.

As a Houston freelance WordPress designer, I know how to make the most of WordPress. I’ve built WordPress sites for a diverse clientele, including restauranteurs, start-ups, dental offices, and lawyers – just to name a few. In addition, I’ve developed online stores with WordPress using the powerful plugin WooCommerce.

WordPress is a dynamic platform that can be used for a wide variety of websites. Build a personal blog. Sell products online in a WooCommerce-powered online store. Develop a network of franchisee websites with WordPress Multisite. The possibilities are (almost) endless.

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A few reasons why you should choose WordPress for your site

Why did I choose to be a Houston freelance WordPress designer – and only in WordPress? Because WordPress is an incredible content management system that works for most clients out there. Why should you have your website built in WordPress?

Easy to Use – WordPress has a user-friendly backend that will make it easy for you to update pages, posts, and products.

Widely Supported – Even if you choose to make changes on your own, there are entire websites and communities online dedicated to helping WordPress site owners.

Flexible – WordPress can be used for various websites, from marketing and information to large online stores, powered by WooCommerce.

Content Management – WordPress has a post type system that allows you to effectively manage your content. I can create custom post types to help you further arrange content. WordPress has a great category and post tag system for as additional organizational tools.

Scalable – WordPress can grow right along with you. Have 2 pages or 200 pages. This also includes building massive online stores with WooCommerce – have over 10,000 products!

Versatile – A WordPress website can be built for any business. I’ve built WordPress sites for martial arts academies, dental offices, oil and gas companies, auto parts stores, HVAC companies. And that’s just for starters!

SEO Friendly – WordPress’ clean-coding along with my best practices approach allows you to have a site that is SEO friendly. Its built-in page and posting structure, as well as its permalink system, solidifies WordPress as a leading choice for those that wish to have an aggressively optimized site.

Just Right for Your Business – If you are a small business or a blogger, then WordPress is right for you.

Services provided by Chris Bibbs, a Houston freelance WordPress designer

I’m a firm believer in going above and beyond for the client. I’ve always been a person that loves to go the extra mile. I approach that mindset with my WordPress clients. And you will see it reflected in the service that I provide.

So, what do I for WordPress clients like you? Well…

  1. Marketing & information websites
  2. Personal blogs
  3. Online stores / e-commerce with WooCommerce, a powerful WordPress e-commerce plugin
  4. Network of websites with Multisite mode
  5. Niche social networks and bulletin boards
  6. Search engine optimization – I optimize your site for speed and keywords
  7. Available complimentary graphic design – let me help you build a brand
  8. Product uploading for your online store
  9. Configuring your online store (including setting up tax rates and payment processing on your site!)
  10. Content editing (and writing)
  11. Securing web hosting on your behalf
  12. Configuring an email address with your domain with Zoho® Mail

The Reserved Hours System

Web designers normally charge hourly. But there are also other designers that charge per project. However, I do a combination of both that I call the Reserved Hours System.

With the Reserved Hours System, I offer packages that are slates of hours. The more hours you reserve, the more services I can provide. This no charges for revisions up to 45 days after initial completion. The entry level package is for 10 hours (really small projects). The highest end package is 50 hours (large scale e-commerce and network projects).

When you discuss your project with me (you can do so by clicking here), I will give you an estimate based upon which package(s) would be best for your project.

The Reserved Hours System provides maximum flexibility. You get an estimate of how long your project will take as well as a fixed amount you can budget for. And with the selected hours, there are numerous services that you will be able to redeem.

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Working with a Houston Freelance WordPress Designer

Have you ever worked with a Houston freelance WordPress Designer before? If not, no problem! I am here to make the process easy as possible.

First, I’ll learn about you and your business / organization. It’s important for me to learn about what you offer and your industry at large.

Secondly, I’ll ask you about what your desires are for the website. What features, functionality, and flair do you want to offer to visitors? How do you wish to present the information you want to convey?

Next, I’ll give you a free, no obligation, competitively priced quote based upon the scope the project and your budget. Please note that quotes are only good for three (3) calendar days.

Finally, I will have you sign my easy to read, clear, and direct project contract. There is no legal jargon – (“legalese” as they say). The contract outlines the responsibilities that you and I will share over the course of the project.

Your Houston Freelance WordPress Designer can promise you…

I can promise you a clear, transparent process in building your site. You will be provided a staging link that will be hidden to the public to review the website once the draft is ready. I will explain my approach and answer any questions that you have. It is important that you are satisfied with your website, and your satisfaction is based upon an informed standpoint.

I can promise to work with you to meet your wishes. For most of my clients, I do not charge for additional revisions as long as the revisions take place in the hours that they reserve.

I can also promise to stand behind my work. I offer a 30-day warranty on all my web and graphic design work. This covers corrections, including text, images, and functionality. There are some limits to this, so it is probably best to contact me for clarification.