Houston Freelance WooCommerce Specialist

Whenever I build an online store, I always use the magnificent WooCommerce plugin. I am Houston freelance WooCommerce specialist that can help you start your own WooCommerce store. Since its debut in 2011, WooCommerce has been used by hundreds of thousands of online retailers. In fact, WooCommerce is now, according to some metrics, the most widely used e-commerce platform on the web.

WooCommerce benefits include flexibility, support, and ease of use. I’ve used to power stores of just two products to stores that sell thousands.

Learn more about the benefits of WooCommerce and see what I can do for you.

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is an open source plugin that was developed by WooThemes. It is technically a fork of the British-developed Jigoshop. It was originally released in 2011.

The plugin was quickly adopted by numerous store owners and WordPress developers. It was a landmark plugin that established the versatility of WordPress. Not only could WordPress be used as a blog and/or marketing website, it could be used as a viable storefront.

No matter the type of business you have, WooCommerce can be a viable solution to your business. As a Houston freelance WooCommerce specialist, I can help you harness the power of the plugin.

Houston freelance WooCommerce specialist portfolio

From recruiting sites to auto parts stores, I have made WooCommerce a powerful tool for businesses.

Lola's Skin Secrets

Lola’s Skin Secrets is a health and beauty skin care brand based in Long Island NY. She uses WooCommerce for her store’s products. (Customers pay via PayPal).

Texas Sports Source

Texas Sports Source is a certified recruiting service based in Pearland TX. He uses WooCommerce to sell his informative packages. (Customers pay via PayPal).

Auto Compressor World

Auto Compressor World is an air condition auto parts retailer based in Houston TX. They have over 20,000 items in stock. (Customers pay by credit card on the site).

Eclipse Whitening

Eclipse Whitening is a dental product start up based in Houston TX. (Customers pay by credit card on the site).

Marqutte Dentistry

Marquette Dentistry is a cosmetic dental office in Houston TX. They have a VIP store that allows members to purchases services and products at a discount.

Festari For Men

Festari for Men is a high-end men’s clothier in Houston TX. He uses his WooCommerce store as a catalog.

What are the key benefits of WooCommerce?

There are numerous benefits of WooCommerce. However, to make things simple, I can narrow down WooCommerce benefits to six key areas:

Out of the Box Features

WooCommerce offers incredible features – before I even customize a thing! Features include bulk product uploading, variable products, product attributes, featured products, and more.


You can sell just about anything on WooCommerce. Clients have sold single and variable items, service packages, and bookable appointments, just for starters.

Ease of Use

WooCommerce is very easy to use. It’s user interface allows for quick entry of products, product images, descriptions and categorization.


WooCommerce costs nothing to install and nothing to keep! Unlike platforms such as Big Commerce, Shopify, and Squarespace, there are no limits to how many products you can sell.

Total Control

Enjoy total control over your store. A self-hosted WooCommece website allows you to control store expansion, store functionality, and the user experience.

The Power of WordPress

With WordPress’ clean coding, built-in SEO advantages, and page and post structure, you can have a full marketing site and online store on just one website.

Why hire me as your Houston freelance WooCommerce specialist?

There are many great web designers that are serving the Houston area. But I hope you take me into consideration. If I can toot my own horn a bit, here’s six reasons why you should choose me at your Houston freelance WooCommerce specialist:

I take care of configuration

Configuration takes time. So, let me help you save time! There’s a lot to set up, from entering in the tax rates, to payment processors, and even the automatic emails. Let me, a Houston freelance WooCommerce specialist, take care of this for you at no extra cost.

I know how to make WooCommerce fit your store

I have built a diverse field of WooCommerce stores. Start-ups. Special membership stores. Auto parts. Packages. Whatever you are trying to sell online, I can customize WooCommerce to fit your business.

I know how to extend WooCommerce

WooCommerce is great out of the box. But sometimes, you have specific needs for your store. I have the knowledge and expertise to utilize the right coding and the right plugins to extend WooCommerce’s functionality.

I’ll load your store products (restrictions apply)

While WooCommerce is easy to use in the long run, starting one does take a little work. As a service to all my clients, I offer to bulk upload their products online, including the images!

I’ll secure your first year of hosting (restrictions apply)

If you are taking credit card payments on your WooCommerce site, then you must have hosting that is PCI compliant with an SSL. For my WooCommerce clients, I purchase 1 year of Siteground web hosting. Siteground web hosting offers PCI compliance and free 1-year SSL. I want to do my part to make sure your store is successful.

I will build you a store that you will love

I’m proud of my 7-year record of a 96% satisfaction rate. In fact, I have numerous clients that have kept me as their preferred choice for web design and development for over 5 years now. I take the time to learn about your business and your goals. And I take what I learn and I develop a store around your wants and needs.

Enhance Your Store with Complimentary Marketing Collateral

Not only am I a Houston freelance WooCommerce specialist, but I’m also a graphic designer. Make a real marketing statement with a few of these available complementary services that I offer:

  1. Logo Design
  2. Business Cards
  3. Brochures
  4. Web Banners
  5. Pop Up Banners
  6. Booklets and Catalogs (restrictions apply)
  7. Newspaper and Magazine Ads
  8. Flyers & Posters

I highly recommend you asking about these if you are also planning on having a storefront!