What is WordPress?

WordPress, or WP for short, is a content management system or (CMS). The platform was developed in 2003 by former University of Houston student Matt Mullenweg and collaborator Mike Little, as a fork of the b2/cafelog blogging platform.

Since then, WordPress has become the world’s most popular CMS. In fact, according to W3 Techs, WordPress powers 32% of all the websites on the web. Also, WordPress dominates the CMS market with an astonishing 60% market share. Most noteworthy is the diversity in the industries and sectors that use WordPress to power their websites.

WordPress’ robust community support, customization, ease of development, and ease of use has transformed the Internet and web development as a whole. I started working with WordPress on a regular basis in 2011—by the following year, I was no longer building websites without it.

Benefits of WordPress

WordPress offers a long list of benefits. However, I want to concentrate on five specific ones.

Flexibility. WordPress can be used to build a site for just about…anything. From online stores to small business sites, WP is a valuable content management system that can be used to build a site for any industry or purpose.

Scalability. Two pages or two hundred pages? 10 products or 10,000 products? Another benefit of WP is that its architecture allows it to grow with you.

Community. Plan to have the RPX team and myself actively manage your site? Or are you going to do it on your own? Regardless, the enormous WP community is available to provide valuable tips and tricks to make the most out of your WordPress-powered site.

Ease of Use. Even though there’s a little bit of a learning curve, WP is very, very easy to pick up on. In fact, many clients of mine opt to manage their sites on their own. Plus, a WordPress site is very easy to maintain—just keep the plugins and code up to date!

SEO-Friendly. Out of the box, WP offers an enormous advantage in SEO-friendliness, especially with its permalink (URL) structure. In addition, available plugins such as Yoast SEO allows for further refinement of your content, meta descriptions, and overall search engine optimization strategy.

Every WordPress site I build is...

Easy to Manage & Maintain

Whether you choose to maintain the site yourself, or if you decide to have me do it, management and maintenance will be easy.  I structure the back-end experience to allow for quick updates and revisions.

Responsive & Mobile Friendly

Your site will seamlessly show up perfectly on every device. Your site will automatically adjust to a layout that is appropriate for smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.

Search Engine Friendly

Coding and layout do matter when it comes to search engine friendliness. Because of this, I work diligently to make sure your site follows the best standards and practices set forth by search engines like Google.

Fast, Secure, and Stable

I approach developing WordPress sites with speed, security, and stability in mind. My code is light, free of bloat and unnecessary features. Also, I use exclusively high quality, proven plugins.