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You have a sizzling menu. A sizzling location. And now all that’s need is a sizzling website. My name is Chris Bibbs, a Houston restaurant web designer and I can help you develop an appetizing presence online!

An attractive restaurant web design can help spark interest and curiosity in your restaurant or bar. No matter what’s on the menu, you want to make a positive, strong impression on potential patrons.

What makes for great restaurant web design?

As a Houston restaurant web designer, I focus on three big things when I design a site. I am for the design to reflect the experience, reflect the cuisine, and ease of use for the consumer.

The site’s design should reflect the experience that the patron will have

Take a look at the design that I did for Hugh and Jeff’s Car Wash and Grill in League City, Texas. The locale is a combination car wash and bar and grill, with a menu that includes American cuisine such as hot wings and burgers. Hugh and Jeff’s is one of the most popular spots in Galveston County.

I took a visit to the restaurant before I started the site. It helped me design the site in a way where I matched the look and feel of the bar. The background is a collage of photos that I took of the restaurant and bar. Slideshows feature pictures of the car wash, the bar area, and the food. With this design, I gave visitors a taste of what they will experience when they head to the bar.

The design should reflect the cuisine

This seems obvious, but there are some sites that I’ve seen where the look and feel of the design doesn’t match the food.

For example, when I designed the website for Triple J’s Smokehouse, a barbecue restaurant in North Houston, I gave it a rustic feel. When you think barbecue restaurants (or barbecue in general), hickory wood and grill fires come to mind. Thus, I gave the site a wooden look with a wooden background with dark brown, black, and gold color accenting on panels and text.

Because barbecue is a signature part of Texas cuisine, I added the lone star motif throughout the graphics as a separator between heading and paragraph text.

Customers should be able to quickly find what they’re wanting

Most of the time, consumers land on your site to find out one of three things: where you’re located, what you offer, or how to place an order (either by calling or online ordering). On desktop and mobile, you want to strategically place any call to action button before the fold (before anywhere the visitor would have to start scrolling).

Call-to-action placement is important. It can mean the difference of a consumer aimlessly searching your site for the information they are seeking or a conversion – whether that is a phone call, online order, or an appearance in your establishment.

Why you should hire me as your Houston restaurant web designer

While I am not the only Houston restaurant web designer available, I hope you consider me for your project. I’m not one to talk about myself, but I can give you five reasons why you should hire me as your web designer.

Built in WordPress, the world’s leading content management system

I build every website in WordPress, including the two examples above. WordPress is the world’s leading content management system. A few advantages to WordPress includes its search engine friendliness, ease of maintenance, and rapid deployment. WordPress is also scalable: as your establishment grows, the website can easily grow right along with it.

I’ll take the time to learn about your establishment

Every restaurant has a story behind it, whether it is brand new or a long-time part of the surrounding community. I will personally visit your restaurant, look at your menu, and — in some cases – try your food so I can get an understanding. The deeper my understanding, the stronger my ability to develop an attractive online presence for your establishment.

Available graphic design services

I am not just a Houston restaurant web designer—I am also a Houston restaurant graphic designer, too! I can design menus of any size, business cards, and promotional flyers to go along with your website. In addition, I can integrate online ordering with a third-party application (preferred) or with WooCommerce. Click here to get an overview of my graphic design services.

Dedication to your satisfaction

I want to make sure your web presence is fitting of your vision. That’s why with the Reserved Hours Billing System that I offer to my clients, I do not charge anything extra for revisions! All revisions are covered within the allotted hours you hired me for your project.

Commitment to your success

As a web designer, I feel that I need to do my part to help you succeed. I can help optimize your site for keywords. Assist in writing and editing your content. Purchase stock images that fit your site. And in some cases, personally take high quality images of your food and beverages.

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