Hire a Houston Web Designer

You’re probably sitting back and asking yourself “With so many do-it-yourself websites, why hire a Houston web designer?” And hey, as a web designer, I cannot blame you one bit for asking that question.

However, there a few big reasons why you’d want to hire a Houston web designer like myself. I’ll list those reasons in a second. But before I get to those reasons, let me discuss the do-it-yourself, design-it-yourself market.

To Hire nor Not to Hire a Houston Web Designer

When you don’t want to hire a Houston web designer: doing (designing) it yourself

You’ve probably seen the ads and commercials ran by GoDaddy.com, 1&1 My Website, Domain.com, Wix, and Squarespace. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of the do-it-yourself design platforms (sometimes called drag-and-drop) is a practical solution when you feel that you don’t have the budget to hire a designer.

However, there are caveats to using those drag-and-drop solutions.

They have parameters

Often, you must work within their parameters. These parameters may work for many. But if you’re trying to provide a unique experience, these parameters could leave a lot to be desired.

It takes a lot of time

Designing a site yourself can be a time-consuming experience. If you like it, and embrace it, then great! However, if you are pressed for time and needing to launch a site quickly, then it could be a problem. You’re going to want to put your own spin on pre-built template. And in the time that you could be making last minute preparations before launch, you’re juggling last minute preparations and trying to get a site online on your own.

Looks are only a part of it

Finally, there is a bit of a science behind designing a site. One thing that I learned when I was studying architecture is that design is “problem solving”. I always tell my clients that when it comes to web design and development, it is 10% cosmetics and 90% problem solving; but a successful website requires both.

You may design a website on GoDaddy, 1&1, or Wix that you may feel is serviceable, but may result you in leaving money on the table if your site is not well received by your intended consumer and/or audience. There might be functionality that you lack; a level of functionality that is expected by the market, but may not be available due to the template you’re using.

Sometimes, a lot of what they offer is just isn’t great

Some templates are just amazing. Even I get inspired by them. Still, there are just some templates that are absolutely terrible. Even the one that matches closest to what you’re wanting.

This is when the rigidity of templates begins to really start to hurt. If you see a template is described to be good for your type of business, you try to go with it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t really get you far. Then you find yourself in a situation where your template hurts more than it helps.

…The moment you’ll want to hire a Houston web designer

But like I said, there’s not necessarily anything wrong with doing things yourself. If you can, then go for it! However, there are a few big reasons why you’d want to hire a Houston web designer for your project.

Problem solving

Designing is problem solving – in other words, taking an idea and making it work. For some, designing a web site is just about putting a site online and making it look good. For an experienced web designer, designing a website is about solving a problem: crafting a solution that will help you achieve your goals.

I can only speak for myself when I say this: before I build a site, I do a lot of research and I research throughout the time I’m working on your site. I browse your competitors. I browse leaders in the industry you are looking to start your business in.

You don’t want a site that just looks good. You want a website that appeals to visitors and turns visitors into conversions, whether it is an email, phone call, or an online purchase.

Getting your wants and needs right

Maybe you want the product options to show up in a certain way. Maybe you want certain menu behavior. Or maybe you want the website to appear a certain way across various devices. And your needs are for more specific than what a DIY platform can provide to you.

This is where a web designer like myself can step in and give you what you’re looking for. Maybe you want the menu to expand instead of fly-in from the right. Maybe there’s an idea from a competitor you would like to see on your website.

For example, if you clarify to me what your wants and needs are in a website, I can meet those wants and needs in the most effective way possible.

An additional voice

Sometimes you have a great idea that’s a great idea until someone tells you that it is not a great idea.

For instance, maybe you like the idea of a side navigation panel. It might seem like a good idea – until you take a look at your analytics and you see that you’re not getting enough clicks. A Houston web designer like me can explain why sometimes side navigation works well on certain sites and why it works poorly on other sites. Then, in the discussion, you and the web designer can collaborate to come up with the most optimal (and competitive) layout for your website.

Having an additional voice can be critical to the success of your website.

Take some of the load off

You’re already working hard at achieving your goals. You’re running a business. You’re running a foundation. You’re buying merchandise. You’re setting up your storefront. That’s already a lot to juggle.

But add building a website yourself on top of that? You might be a master of multi-tasking, but you might find it much more manageable if you communicate and delegate your wishes in your online presence to a web designer instead of tackling that yourself – on top of everything else you have to do for your business.

Hiring a Houston web designer may be the best decision for you

Whether you decide to hire me (hopefully!) or someone else, deciding to hire a Houston web designer might be best call you make. The reason you decided to do so might have been listed above. Or you may have other reasons for doing so.

Nevertheless, before you decide to go at it yourself, try to see if a Houston web designer can meet your needs. Contact me today and let’s talk about your project.