What kind of projects are you available for?

  • Brochure / information web design
  • E-Commerce / WooCommerce web design
  • BuddyPress web design
  • Supplementary marketing collateral / graphic design (business cards, mailers, brochures, logos)
  • Campaign websites (local, non-partisan elections only)
  • Non-profit organizational websites
  • Restaurant websites
  • Medical and dental websites
  • Franchise chain websites
  • Fitness websites
  • Health and beauty websites
  • Membership / content-protected websites

What kind of projects are you NOT available for?

  • If you currently have a website that you only want to tweak and not rebuild. I’m unavailable due to time constraints.
  • If you currently have a site and you need consultation help on how to do things on the site. I’m unavailable due to time constraints.
  • Fixing other developers’ mistakes on a website that I did not build. I am unavailable due to time constraints.
  • Campaign websites for partisan elections. I’m unavailable due time constraints.

What is your typical turn around time on projects?

This usually depends on how much content is available whenever I start a project, as well as how many ongoing projects I have. On the low end is 7-10 days. On the high end, it is 56-63 days. However, this wholly depends on various factors, such as content acquisition, content preparation, and so on.

Do you offer search engine marketing services?

Yes. I offer search engine marketing services through my partners, Actual SEO Media, Inc.

What do you normally charge for your web design services?

I generally start at $1000. However, this covers the initial draft and up to 3 rounds of revisions. In my case, a round of revision is defined as 7 specific requests that the client has in functionality and appearance. E-Commerce / WooCommerce websites, membership / content-protected websites, and BuddyPress websites start at $2,000. The final cost of your project will be determined by its scope. I typically do not charge extra for supplementary marketing collateral. Please click here to contact me for a quote.

Do you ever bill hourly?

No. Hourly billing is a little bit too chaotic.

Do you offer maintenance and upkeep?

Yes. I have four maintenance plans available. Please contact me for more information.

Do you discount your services?

In lieu of discounts, I offer alternative payment plans. Please contact me for more information.

I want to hire you. However, I don’t want you to do a site for a competitor in the future. What kind of arrangement can we make?

I have a $1000 non-compete fee in which I will agree to not build a competitor’s website for up to 1 year after the site launch date. There is a $500 annual renewal fee.